Social Distancing - How to host a drive through baby shower

The trying COVID-19 times have meant staying away from those we love. However, we have also been forced to become creative to accommodate essential social components of our lifestyle. Moms-to-be can still enjoy their baby shower and receive gifts as we all look forward to welcoming a new member to the world. If you are looking for tips on how to host a drive-through baby shower in the wake of social distancing calls, we have several insights below. 

What Is A Drive-Through Baby Shower?

What is a baby shower? Friends, family, acquaintances and other invitees come together to celebrates the mom-to-be. Of course, the highlights of the event are to shower the baby with gifts, have fun activities to cheer and celebrate the mom and socialize with other guests. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible during these COVID-19 times, which brings us to a drive-through baby shower.

Primarily, this is a baby shower where guests visit a designated place to drop off their gifts. The guests can form a parade in front of the house, or any other venue you plan for your baby shower. They can make shout their wishes, honk, sing, blow kisses or do anything to make the mom-to-be happy, albeit maintaining the social distance.

How Do You Plan A Drive Through Baby Shower?

There aren't any nitty-gritty details concerning planning a drive through baby shower. If anything, the budget and plan are reduced significantly, since there is no party or usual socializing that call for meals and drinks. All you need is a show of gratitude and your homemade cookies can do just fine. Anyone, including you, can plan a drive through baby shower. It is advisable to let a close family member or friend plan the details, especially if the mom-to-be is tired. However, if you feel strong and energized, taking care of your baby's baby shower is just as rewarding. Here are some tips for a successful drive through baby shower.

Decide on The Time

You do not want the mom-to-be sitting outside for hours waiting for guests who aren't sure when to drive by. Make sure you have your time set for not longer than 60 minutes. The recommended time limit is 30 minutes to keep the ambiance and party atmosphere going. Nonetheless, there are always those that show up late to the party. A friend or family member is delayed by work, or something else should still find the station and chance to make their wishes and drop gifts.

Invite Your Guests

The purpose of a baby shower is to bring people together, so you should have your guest list ready for mailing. It is harder to make face-to-face contact because of restrictions and social distancing, so sending digital invitations and phone message reminders offer the best solution. You can also call your guest list to confirm those that will make it to the baby shower. In the invitation, you can give glimpses of what to expect, so guests don't show up confused. This takes us to the most important tip

Plan the Setting

Planning a drive through shower should call for deep thoughts. However, you still need a functional plot of how things will go down. Ask yourself these questions;

  • Where will the guest parade?
  • Where will the gift table be placed?
  • What fun activities will guests perform?
  • Do you want guests to join in on gift opening?

For a simple drive through baby shower, you can set up a table for the gifts, add ambiance music, dances, singing and other fun things the guests can do to. Pictures and videos can also spice things up, allowing you to create a gift-giving and gift opening video. Even better, you can set up a live stream, so late guests can see what's happening in real-time.

If you are hosting the drive-through baby shower in your house, you can decorate and create the mood you want with music, lighting and more. Your plan will depend on how you envision the baby shower, so it is crucial to have a clear idea of how you want the party to proceed from start to finish. This will help you establish the right setting and keep things running smoothly.

Have Something for Your Guests

A baby shower is hallmarked by friends and family showering the mom-to-be with baby gifts and essentials she will need leading into labor and after birth. In reciprocation, the host welcomes guests to her home with meals and drinks, uniting the social circle to celebrate the mom and life in her womb. The first part remains unchanged as guests can still drop off gifts during a drive through baby shower. However, due to COVID-19, social parties aren't practical.

One way you can show gratitude to those that take time to come to your drive through baby shower is to give out favor bags full of little treats. Some ideas are personalized hand sanitizer, lip balms, and of course chocolate. You can be as creative as you wish with the wrapping to make the guest feel appreciated. Another show of gratitude is a video of the gift dropping, party and gift opening sessions. You can send them the videos via email.

Drive Through Baby Showers In The Future

COVID may have birthed drive through baby showers. However, people have become creative, making drive through parties convenient and worth a try even after the current situation changes. A drive through baby shower would suit those who have little time to plan an entire evening for the event. It is also the best we have right now and shows how people are determined to show love and cheer the bringing of a new child into the world.

Final Words

When planning your drive through baby shower, make sure you start by visualizing how it will shape up. Once you know what you want, you should make your guest list and notify them early enough. Since there are no typical social parties with drinks and meals, it should be a lot easier and cheaper to plan. Decorations on the table or in the yard can be used to create a classic baby shower look. You can maintain social distance and safety while still showering the momma-to-be and baby with love.