k1b.jpgA small sticker business

People ask me how I started making stickers. It's hard to answer because I really  don't know! It's something that just sort of happened. Here is what I do know.

Drawing and creativity come from both sides of my family. Growing up I constantly sketched various objects, making use of my eraser until the drawing was just right. Sometimes that lead to erasing a hole in the paper. Eventually as the years went by I stopped drawing, but the creativeness was still inside, waiting to be expressed.

When computers entered the mainstream world I discovered graphic programs and recaptured a form of drawing. I was hooked. Far too much time was spent creating various designs, and something had to be done with them. That led to selling graphics on etsy.

Then one day, many years ago, I decided to purchase an inkjet printer and around the same time had the notion to print return address labels.
(You didn't blink did you? Because that was it. That was how it started.)

If I'm going to print stickers, I might as well do a few different sizes right? After researching sizes and finding out what the most requested ones were I bought a few. Printing water bottle labels was the next goal. However they can't be truly waterproof with an inkjet printer. It didn't take long before the inkjet was replaced with a laser printer so great quality waterproof labels could be made.

Then it grew...

As more stickers were made, more requests came in. I expanded my inventory. Now there are 2 laser printers that are used to ensure top quality and fast delivery. Digitaldoodlebug also has 3 employees who do packaging work from their homes. Stickers have taken over an entire room that is the dedicated office space, as well as a walk in closet.
(The shed is definitely in jeopardy too.)

I truly enjoy making stickers and printables for your special events and have been doing so since 2009. My creativeness needs reigned in, but there is simply TOO MUCH that can be made!

Thanks for visiting and reading,