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These free templates are for use with Digitaldoodlebug® brand blank sticker sheets. They have been made based on the label sheet measurements.

Follow these tips to get an accurate print.

  • Consult your printer manual for specifics on loading and feeding recommendations.
  • Print at “actual size” & make sure “fit to page” is NOT checked.
  • Under the properties setting make sure it is high quality or 300 DPI.
  • Choose “labels” in printer settings, and paper size 8.5x11.
  • If your printer doesn't have a Labels setting, choose Heavyweight or Cardstock.
  • Run each sheet through printer one time only to avoid paper jams.
  • Use the Media Bypass Tray (if your printer has one).
  • Ensure options such as “Ignore Printer Settings” or “Use Driver Settings” are NOT selected

Test print first

To make sure it is formatted correctly, do a test print on white paper. This way you won’t waste precious sticker paper. Place the printed sheet of paper on top of the label sheet, and hold them up to a light to make sure the positioning is correct. If not correct adjust the page margins as needed in word or photoshop. Some printers may have settings to adjust their margins or print position.

Label handling

Separate your labels before loading them in the printer tray. Hold your label sheets by the edges to prevent your hands' natural oils from getting on the printable label surface. Keep in a cool, dry place to avoid humidity. Do not expose to direct sunlight or flood lights.

Closet Divider


FREE printable templates for closet dividers here!

DDB01 Closet Divider microsoft word templateDDB01 Closet Divider PDF templateDDB01 Closet Divider photoshop template

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Lip Balm 1.85x2.15


FREE graphic templates for lip balm here!

DDB01 Closet Divider microsoft word templateDDB02 Lip Balm PDF templateDDB02 Lip Balm photoshop template

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