How to make make a custom tumbler cup with no sublimation or epoxy

How to make make a custom tumbler cup with no sublimation or epoxy

Have you ever wanted to make tumblers?Either to give as gifts or start your own business? If so, then you have no doubt researched and found the difficulties of getting started. With epoxy you have to mix 2 compounds in a ventilated area (wearing a mask for the fumes) and carefuly spread it just right which usually requires extra equipment. There are other sealing methods but they require multiple thin coats and long curing times. Who has time for that?Many people are jumping into subl …
Jan 9th 2023
3 Business tools I wish I had started using earlier

3 Business tools I wish I had started using earlier

Shipstation If you think pirateship or etsy labels are good enough then you have never tried shipstation. It's automation and organization on a whole new level if you ship a lot of orders each day and sell repeats. I put if off initially because I don't like monthly subscriptions. Bleh. But the time it saves easily pays for itself. Over 10 years ago it only took 2 days into the trial to decide to keep it. It tripled the daily shipping ability and that wasn't even maxed out. Even though we ar …
Dec 3rd 2022
​Ideas for how to setup a cheap hot chocolate bar station + free printables

​Ideas for how to setup a cheap hot chocolate bar station + free printables

Hot cocoa bars are a lot of fun and perfect for the winter weather. They can be used at a gathering of friends, a baby shower, wedding, or even a graduation. I was able to make a hot chocolate bar without buying any extra items. To start, decide where you will setup the cocoa station. You can pick a spot on your kitchen counter or put up a folding table with a decorative tablecloth. Use this free  printable hot chocolate bar sign and place it in an 8x10 frame. You ca …
Oct 23rd 2022

How to Host the Perfect Drive-By Baby Shower

Babies symbolize hope, innocence, and new beginnings. Perhaps more so than ever before, these are sentiments that we all need in spades.It's no secret that baby showers have looked a little different this year and last. However, the social distancing precautions put in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic are designed to keep everyone safe.The good news? It's easy to respect these guidelines and reward that special mama-to-be in your life with all the well wishes, baby gear, and sweet memories she c …
Feb 1st 2021

5 Virtual Baby Shower Games and Decorations for New Moms

With almost 4 million babies born in the U.S. every year, chances are good that you know at least one person who's pregnant.Social distancing recommendations and stay-at-home orders in many places make traditional in-person baby showers more difficult. That doesn't mean you can't celebrate the moms-to-be in your life. Alternatives, such as drive-through baby showers and virtual baby showers, let you safely honor the new parents and their newest family member.Virtual baby shower games let you pul …
Jan 1st 2021

The Essential Baby Shower Registry Checklist

Pregnancy is full of special, memorable moments. From the first ultrasound all the way to the day you get to meet your new baby, it's a magical ride.One time you will cherish forever has to be your baby shower. While baby showers are very popular now, they're far from being a brand new tradition. Some research has shown that even the ancient Greeks and Egyptians performed similar gatherings. Baby showers are the perfect occasion to have your nearest and dearest around, eat some yummy food, get p …
Dec 2nd 2020

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Baby Shower Gifts

Did you know that more than 250 babies are born every minute? Whether it’s your sister, best gal pal, or coworker, bringing a new baby into the world is a life-changing experience. And what better way to celebrate a new bundle of joy than finding the perfect baby shower gifts?However, selecting a great gift for an upcoming baby shower is no easy feat. You want to find something that can be helpful for the new mom-to-be, but also super cute and personal.Here are seven factors to consider when sel …
Nov 8th 2020

What's for Dinner? 7 Smart Ideas to Organize Your Printable Recipes

You're in the mood for something good tonight. Maybe pappardelle bolognese or Greek-style stuffed peppers. Now, if only you could find the recipe.It's so much easier when your recipes are organized. By having a recipe organization system, you'll know where all of your recipes are and have ease of accessing them. These are 7 ideas you can organize your printable recipes so you can enjoy cooking.1. Recipe JournalIf you want to give your recipes a personal touch, using a recipe journal is a great i …
Oct 7th 2020

Kids Going Back to School? 7 Ways to Make the Transition Easier

Are your kids are going back to school? Start here first.In the United States, more than 56 million students attend elementary, middle, and high school. Going back to school after a break away can be challenging under normal circumstances.But the real question is, what's the best way to transition back to school in the era of COVID-19?Check out these top seven ways to make the transition easier as your kids go back to school.Read on to learn more.1. Review All of the Course InformationWhen trans …
Oct 3rd 2020

11 Couponing Tips All New Parents Need to Save on Groceries

According to recent research, the average American family spends around $315 to $515 per month on groceries.This figure fluctuates based on a few different factors, including the size of your family, your dietary preferences, and the city where you live.If this sounds like a lot, that's because it is. If you spend on the high end of the scale, around $500 per month, that's $6,000 per year! This number can be alarming to anyone, but new parents are especially cost-conscious. While a baby is an in …
Sep 25th 2020

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