The Essential Baby Shower Registry Checklist

Pregnancy is full of special, memorable moments. From the first ultrasound all the way to the day you get to meet your new baby, it's a magical ride.

One time you will cherish forever has to be your baby shower. While baby showers are very popular now, they're far from being a brand new tradition. Some research has shown that even the ancient Greeks and Egyptians performed similar gatherings.

Baby showers are the perfect occasion to have your nearest and dearest around, eat some yummy food, get pampered, and... be showered in gifts! But with so much choice, creating a baby shower registry checklist can be daunting.

Is there a way to make sure that you include all (or most of!) the essentials for you and your little bundle of joy? The answer is yes. And if you want to find out what the must-haves for your registry list are, just read on: we are going to give you ten great ideas.

1. Bath and Toiletry Products

There's nothing quite as cute (and special) as to give your baby his or her first bath. To make it as safe as possible, you want to use a baby bath that's specifically designed for little ones.

Add this to your list, together with some extra items like baby-friendly body wash and shampoo, a soft and cozy towel, and a few bath books and bath toys.

2. Changing Supplies

Yes, babies really do go through A LOT of diaper changes, especially in the first few weeks and months. It is recommended to get them changed every couple of hours or so (more often if they've done a poop, of course!) so you will want to add some changing supplies to your list.

A changing pad, some wipes (disposable or cloth it's up to you), and diapers should do the job.

3. Clothes, and More Clothes

You can't have too many baby clothes. Not only are they irresistibly adorable, but you'll end up needing a lot, especially in the case of a poop explosion (yes, those things really do happen!).

Add things like rompers, short and long-sleeved vests, sleepsuits, and playsuit to your list. Depending on when the baby is due, you might also need warmer clothes like hats, mittens, and a jacket.

4. Cozy Blankets

Safe sleeping guidelines for babies do not recommend the use of blankets in cribs and cots, but these are absolutely safe if used when taking your baby out and about.

Make sure your registry includes blankets (100% organic cotton is preferable) and your little one will enjoy toasty stroller walks (and naps!).

5. Stroller Accessories

Speaking of taking your baby out for a walk: you have no idea of just the sheer amount of stuff that you will need before you leave the house.

You'll want to have a rain cover for your stroller, as well as a stroller bag to store diapers, wipes, and other essentials. A bonus? A stroller mug holder. Because trust us, you'll need all the coffee!

6. Baby Monitor

When your baby is finally down for a nap or asleep at bedtime (it will happen, we promise!) you'll still want to keep an eye on them. The best way to do so is to buy a baby monitor.

These little gadgets include a small camera that you place in your baby's room and a parental unit that you can use around the house to see and hear your baby. A decent baby monitor can be on the pricey side, so adding it to your registry might be a good idea.

7. A Playmat

To encourage the very important "tummy time," you'll want your baby to have a soft, safe, and clean surface to wiggle and crawl on. Buying a playmat is an excellent choice, so go ahead and add that to your list.

Playmats come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them have fancy lights, sounds, and dangling toys. Pick whichever you prefer, and your baby will enjoy hours of entertainment.

8. Sensory Books

Do you think that a newborn baby is too young to enjoy books? Think again. Multiple studies have demonstrated the great benefits associated with early exposure to books and reading.

So, do a bit of online research and find a few books that you'll love to read to your little one. Colorful, soft, and pop-up books all work great for the first few months.

9. Musical Toys

Again, you're never too young to start appreciating music. Listening to sounds, and making noise using objects are incredibly powerful from a developmental point of you.

Your baby will absolutely love the shapes and sounds of musical instruments like maracas, bells, and xylophone. These are another must-have that needs to go straight on your list.

10. Something Just for You

Right, did you think that we would compile a list of baby registry idea without even a mention to you, the mom-to-be? Your baby deserves the best, but so do you!

Treat yourself (or, better, let others treat you!) to a new mom care package. There are so many online to choose from: funny, pampering, and even boozy! You take your pick and then pop that on your list.

Ready to Put Together Your Baby Shower Registry Checklist?

Now that you know what the essentials are, you are all set to put together your baby shower registry checklist.

Make sure you include all of the items that we recommended but most importantly: have fun with it!

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Dec 2nd 2020

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