5 Virtual Baby Shower Games and Decorations for New Moms

With almost 4 million babies born in the U.S. every year, chances are good that you know at least one person who's pregnant.

Social distancing recommendations and stay-at-home orders in many places make traditional in-person baby showers more difficult. That doesn't mean you can't celebrate the moms-to-be in your life. Alternatives, such as drive-through baby showers and virtual baby showers, let you safely honor the new parents and their newest family member.

Virtual baby shower games let you pull in some of the traditional entertainment options to make the Zoom baby shower more enjoyable. Many of the best baby shower games you play in person can be adapted to a virtual setting.

Keep reading for ideas on virtual baby shower games and virtual baby shower decorations to make the celebration special.

1. Price Is Right

The Price Is Right is a classic game show that translates beautifully into a baby shower game. While popular for in-person showers, this game is just as easy and fun to play virtually.

You'll need several baby-related items, such as bottles, baby food, diapers, and onesies. You can either show pictures of these items or actually buy them and give them to the mom-to-be after the shower.

Show each item one at a time. Each party guest writes down the amount they think that item costs. Guests with older kids might be surprised at price increases since their babies were little, and guests without kids will likely have interesting guesses.

The person who guesses the amount closest to the actual price on each item wins a point. You might give bonus points if someone guesses the price exactly. The guest with the most points at the end wins the game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Get your guests up from their computers with a home scavenger hunt. Create a list of baby-related items that guests have to find in their own homes. If lots of guests don't have kids, you can modify the game to more general items that most people have at home, or do a mix of baby and general items.

Assign points to each item. Things that people are less likely to have might be worth more points. Guests get points for the items they can find and show on camera.

3. Printed Games

Printed games give a more traditional feel to your baby shower games virtual approach. Choose a variety of printable baby shower games, such as Mom or Dad Game, the Baby Name Race, or a Baby Word Scramble.

Print a copy for each guest. Include the printed sheets along with virtual baby shower favors and other treats for the guests in a kit. Send out the kits at least one week before the virtual baby shower to ensure they all arrive.

On the day of the shower, the guests can pull out their printed copies of the games at the appropriate time. Explain the rules and let them play. You can then compare results to see who is the winner.

4. Name the Baby

Get everyone involved with a Name the Baby game. Ask the guests to email you pictures of themselves as babies before the shower. Show one of the pictures at a time and have everyone guess who it is.

Another variation is to do the same thing with celebrity babies. You can provide a list of the celebrities included or make it more challenging without a list. The party guests write down who they think each celebrity baby is, and they get a point for each correct answer.

5. Baby Shower Kahoot

The online game Kahoot is often used as a learning tool in classrooms, but you can also use it for virtual social gatherings, such as baby showers. Each person needs to download the Kahoot app to play.

As the host, you create the questions for the baby shower Kahoot game. You can choose from a variety of formats and include videos and images in your questions. Create a baby-themed Kahoot or ask questions about the parents-to-be.

The questions come up one at a time. Each baby shower guest answers the question on their own device. Whoever answers the most questions correctly is crowned the Kahoot champion.

Virtual Baby Shower Game Prizes

Prizes for the winners are common at baby showers. That's a lot more challenging when everyone's at home. You can't just pass a prize to the winner through the computer screen.

An easy alternative is to use electronic gift cards as the game prizes. Almost every retailer offers online gift cards, which you can send to the winners instantly via email. Simply connect with the winners after the shower to get their contact information, so you can send them the e-gift card.

If you have physical gifts in mind, you can always ship them after the shower. Receiving a gift in the mail a few days later is a fun surprise for the game winners. Order the prize online and have it shipped directly to the recipient to save yourself a trip to the post office.

Virtual Baby Shower Decorations

Virtual baby shower decorations are a little more complicated since everyone is in a different location. If you're using Zoom, you can use virtual backgrounds to set the stage, but it's also possible to use traditional decorations.

Decorate the area you plan to stream from during the shower. This gives the virtual guests fun decorations to look at while they watch the shower.

You can give all of the guests their own decoration package as well. Send a box of decorations, party favors, and any game materials to each participant before the shower. You can also drop off the shower packages to local guests to save on postage.

Send the mom-to-be a special decoration package with extra options, including a banner she can hang behind herself. A mom-to-be sash she can wear is another option.

Enjoy Virtual Baby Shower Games

Planning virtual baby shower games can be just as fun as in-person baby shower entertainment. Make a few modifications to fit the virtual aspect, and your guests can have a great time.

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Jan 1st 2021

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