How to host a co-ed baby shower

Many of today’s fathers find themselves taking a much more active role in parenthood than their own father did. Cultural attitudes and expectations have changed so much that baby showers, almost exclusively reserved for women just a generation ago, now increasingly include both parents-to-be. Although they might not admit it to everyone, men often love for friends to include them in this way. It also helps to build excitement about the upcoming birth of their child.Despite the growing acceptance …
Sep 13th 2019

How to make a baby registry PLUS what to put on it

If you’re expecting a baby, more than one person has probably asked if you have started a baby registry yet. If a store offers a baby registry, you can visit it in person or online to complete your registration. After you provide your name and basic contact information, you choose items you would like others to give you as gifts to help prepare for your baby’s arrival. The store then creates a list that visitors to your baby registry can access whenever it’s convenient for them.You don’t have to …
Aug 13th 2019

How to Throw a Baby Shower On a Budget: The Ultimate Guide

The average baby shower can easily cost up to $1,000 -- but especially in today's social media-obsessed world, the desire to make your shower picture-perfect and unique can easily mean that your shower could end up costing double or even triple the usual cost. You're not interested in spending that much on a baby shower -- after all, you feel like that money is much better spent on the nursery, your hospital bills, or not taking on debt. Still, you'd like to celebrate your new baby's arri …
Jul 18th 2019

12 Tips to plan a great baby shower + FREE checklist

Sharing the joy of an expectant mother by hosting a baby shower is a kind and loving thing to do. From party games to food to decorations and invitations, it also requires a lot of work on your part. However, you don’t have to feel stressed by your to-do list when you start getting organized for the baby shower as early as possible. Below are 12 tips to make the day enjoyable for everyone, including you.Don’t Schedule the Shower Too Close to the Due DateThe 6th to 7th month of pregnancy is often …
Jun 17th 2019

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